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Female and Opposite Sex

By Omnia74 Feb 26, 2013 483 Words
Pros and cons Co-education. More detailed:
1. The mixing of both the two sexes in co-educational environment eradicates the inherent shyness in each student. On the other hand, by studying and working in a mixed-gender school, students will be given facilities for expressing and sharing their own ideas or opinions in the presence of the opposite sex. Therefore, it provides students a great incentive to overcome their shyness and enhance their confidence.

2. It is manifest that in the future students have to live in a mixed-sex world and hence they should be well- prepared to easily integrate into the real life. A co-educational environment is reflective of today’s society since it offers students a valuable opportunity to get exposed to a broad exchange of diverse ideas, opinions, values and lifestyles; to get accustomed to working and sharing with their peer of the opposite sex. As a result, students in co-educational schools are more likely to adapt themselves into any new surroundings and get ahead.

3. In the past, education open to women was really restricted due to moral and religious grounds as well as the society’s conception of sex-role and gender-appropriate forms of work. However, with the worldwide advance of the society, there has been an overwhelming shift in women’s roles providing them with greater opportunity for involvement in life beyond the domestic sphere. Consequently, the practice of co-education has made the growth of women’s rights and the expansion of the modern education system to serve all the segments of the population.

4. So girls and boys in the class tend to compete in a healthy manner with each other. It is also seen that the girls fare better than boys in most of the cases. This is because both the sexes are enhanced by the presence of the other. In the olden times it was believed that girls were incompetent to compete with the boys but this is not true.

1. When studying together in a school, male and female students are likely to suffer from some bad distraction. For instance, some teenage students may be fascinated by their peer of the opposite sex and spend much time attracting them instead of their studying. Many school girls can be bothered by the teasing and even the flirting of the boys. If such distraction is not kept in control, then the students will be certainly lured away from their study.

2. While the world is witnessing dramatic improvements in co-education, there is a public question and concern about the connection among co-education and sexual freedom; a rise in unmarried, particularly teenage-pregnancy; and the growth of sex harassment and sexually transmitted diseases in mixed-sex schools where boys and girls students spend much time together and the safe boundary between two sexes can be broken at any time.

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