Felons; to vote or not to vote

Topics: Democracy / Pages: 4 (958 words) / Published: Nov 20th, 2013
Political Science 1010

20 November 2013

Should felons be allowed to vote?

As a college student who does not have a felony on their record and is not familiar with the extremities of the justice system and voting laws I have taken is upon myself to do some reasearch on the positive and negatives of having voting rights. I have also taken into consideration many other peoples point of views from the internet and from this I have formed the opinion that felons should in fact have the right to vote. This might not be the most popular, right, or wrong thing to do but it is how I feel and I have brainstormed three very logical points on why felons should regain their right to vote after their release from prison. These three well thought out reasons are; if voting directly effects felons why should they be denied the right to effect voting results?, they pay into taxes just like everyone else so they should be able to decide how their taxes are being used, and because America is a democracy which means having the representation of everyone. While reading my paper, keeping an open mind will help in forming a just and effective opinion. The first logical reasons explaining why felons should be allowed to vote is because voting results can directly effect them and their lives so they should have the ability and right to effect voting. It doesn't seem fair to me that laws passed such as Obamacare could effect their insurance policies but they have no way of having their voices heard about how they feel their health insurance policies are handled. I use Obamacare as an example because it is in fact relevant in our society today. Felons may be trying to get on their feet and the government nailing them with the fact they must pay so many hundred or thousands of dollars right after getting out of prison could lead them back into the situation that they were in before. It is proven that most felons were charged because they were trying to provide for themselves or

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