Felons And Voting

Topics: Prison, Law, Burglary Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Voting is a duty that must be fulfilled by every citizen at some point in their lives. Voting gives the citizens of the U.S. a chance to express themselves through an anonymous voice. There are a few restrictions on voting, which include age, citizenship, and in some states weather you’re a convicted felon. I believe that it is unfair that some states make it so felons can’t vote. I really believe felons should be allowed to vote simply because everyone makes mistakes, and some felons have to rejoin society eventually. Felons are looked at by some as the bad people of society. Some people even believe that once they have messed up they don’t deserve a second chance. Although some felons commit crimes that are so awful that they don’t deserve a second chance, there are some that will have an opportunity at a second chance one day. When people go to jail they become known as a number rather than a person with a name which is a little disrespectful. Even though they have done something to harm society they should still have rights as a human being. Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others, but that’s no reason to revoke someone’s rights. Most people will learn from past mistakes.

One in every nine prisoners serves a life sentence without parole. So what happens to the other 8 prisoners who will eventually be free? If they have their voting rights revoked then they have to live in a society where they have no say so. I’m not saying felons should be able to vote while in prison, but when they get out they have almost every right as every other citizen just with a few restrictions. Voting is a very important right that should be restored once a felon has served their sentence. After all every vote does count!

Roger Clegg states that “Individuals who have shown they are unwilling to follow the law cannot claim the right to make laws for the rest of us” . He also states that “we don't let everyone vote, not children, for instance, or noncitizens, or...
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