Feeling Happy About Your Life

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Emotion Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: September 19, 2008
Can you think about your life for a second? How one second your eight years old and the next your making college preparations. It’s nothing easy realizing how fast time goes by and how it is still passing by without forgiving anything. I have always thought to myself that we should use our time wisely, make decisions that will benefit our future and we should become someone useful in our life. Time will never forgive the mistakes of your life, it just tick tocks in the same pace as the day before, without ever pausing. Spending your time in good attributes will make you feel proud of yourself. Using our time wisely is essential to feeling accomplished with your life. Some people waste their spare hours watching TV, movies, playing video games or even sleeping. If we use these free hours to study, learn about our surroundings or enhance our minds with useful hobbies, then it is when we will realize how wonderful we spend our time in our life. We spend too much time doing things that encourages us to do nothing in our life. It is important that we wake up and face reality, the world revolves around the sun every 365 days and we are not going to make it stop so we can correct the time wasted in our life. When we spend our spare time on good acts, we automatically feel happy and fulfilled. Our lifetime memories should be filled with accomplishments of everything we did as a result of knowing how to spend our time. Decisions play a big role during our lifetime. What we decide one second can affect greatly the outcome of the next. Decisions are a responsibility when it comes to our future, therefore they should plan and get a reasonable conclusion of its consequences before we commit them. Sometimes we decide to do something because it will only be done once. Without knowing, doing things once can affect our whole life. We say that nothing will happen when we decide to drink, smoke or have sex. In Consequence of doing such things can be either having a...
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