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The National Service Training Program is a civic education and defence preparedness program for Filipino tertiary education students instituted by the Government of the Philippines on 23 January 2002 by virtue of Republic Act 9163, otherwise known as the "National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001" The National Service Training Programme (NSTP) is implemented to achieve the objectives: To develop and enhance the spirit of patriotism amongst youths, To encourage national integration and racial unity, To build character through imparting core moral values, To instil a spirit of volunteerism,To develop a young generation that is resilient, healthy and confident. The National Service Training Program(Nstp) is a one-year formative process tailored for the first year. It is aimed at developing their civic consciousness, ethics of service, nationalism and being a person for others in the classroom and most especially in the area work. It aims to implement the concept of jesuit Education, which is integral and dynamic. NSTP also hopes to facilitate processes where where first year students may learn to nurture the values of patriotism, love of country, personal relationship with god, respect for the dignity of persons, academic excellence and sense of service. San Isidro Elementary is a clean and good place. They have their own small canteen, covered court, garden, kitchen, and the classrooms. The school is not that big compared to other elementary schools. But all of the students were always smiling and happy all the times. Our group give the kids food before going to the activity. We are the one who serves the food for them. We also clean all the stuff that have been used in the feeding. Our group prepared different activities for the students. We also teach them how to make and design a bookmark. We told them the importance of plants in our environment. Like tree planting this activity is the memorable in all of our past activities. It is memorable, because...
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