feeding america

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Feeding America

Hi, my name is Chad. I am from the Feeding America charity organization. Feeding America is a non-profit, hunger-relief charity that helps people who are in need of food. Our main goal is to eliminate hunger in America forever, and to do that we will need help from you. This charity really spoke out to me because when I and lived in Los Angeles, California, getting food on the table every day was hard. When I was around 3 years old, my dad left my mom and she had to raise me and my brother and also keep a low-income job. This made my life difficult, even as a young child. I was affected by food insecurity, and now I’m with a charity to end it. Most people think that the people who are in need of food live in poverty and don’t have houses, but that is not true. Some of these people live in regular U.S. households. The adults living in that family might even have jobs, but they can still struggle with a meal every single day for their family. 1 in 6 (16.3%) Americans are struggling with hunger, which is roughly about 49 million Americans. With your help we can make a change and lower this percentage. $1 will provide 8 meals to a food shelter. With just a small donation, that money will be used for food banks all over the nation. The more money, the more food the food banks have, and that means they can give away more food for the people with food insecurity. Don’t be afraid donate today!
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