Feed The Deed

Topics: Candidate, The Color Purple, Random act of kindness Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: May 23, 2014
Feed the Deed Movement

As the world is progressing, as generations change, do people still give back? Do they even care about the well being of others? Josh Stern, at the age of only twenty-two, built an organization formally known as ‘Feed the Deed’. Social networks lent a hand, when it came to spreading the news; he was able to build a platform for his movement, Feed the Deed spread like a wild fire. In weeks, it became a worldwide trend.

Several university, college, and even high school students involved themselves, in a disgusting, immature, dangerous, online drinking game. Neknominations were not unknown, but it gained its popularity in early 2014.

Stern, a medical student attending the University of Ottawa, was nominated to continue this chain. The motto of this game being: “Neck your drink. Nominate another. Don’t break the chain. Don’t be a d---.” He decided to stand up and challenge this ‘nomination’, by putting an end to this childish binge-drinking trend, after headlines were made, about youths dying while participating in this ridiculous ‘dare-like’ contest.

On YouTube, Stern came across a video of a young man, by the name Brent Lindeque, using his nomination to pay it forward. Inspired by Lindeque’s choice, he decided that he was going to start a social media movement that would rival Neknominations. By doing this Josh Stern, unknowingly, stumbled across the remedy to the selfishness of today’s society.

The trend is basically a chain of generosity and kindness. One is nominated by a friend, a relative, whomever, and then given a time limit of twenty-four hours to complete a random act of kindness or generosity. It does not have to be an extravagant gesture, although some are. It could be as simple as buying a homeless person a cup of coffee. The message trying to be conveyed is that, it is not how much you give back, but the fact that you gave at all. If a nominee fails to complete a giving deed, in the set time limit, it is...
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