Feed Mill Ingredients

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A. Policy, Management, Control of Documents & Records, Communication and Review

A safe feed ingredient policy has been defined, communicated, reviewed and implemented by management. Document control procedures are in place, and documents are accessible to appropriate personnel. The Safety Hazards listed by Company Guidelines have been identified, reviewed and have control procedures, where applicable. Records retention procedures are defined and followed.

The following records are maintained as appropriate to the product: (medicated feed, formula/mixing instructions, production records, label files). Responsible personnel review the following: audit results, customer feedback, process performance and product conformity, status of preventive and corrective actions, follow-up action from previous management reviews, planned changes that could affect the feed system and recommendations for improvement. B. Employee -Training

Personnel are competent for assigned tasks and have been trained. Job descriptions are available that include the responsibility and skills required by the employee. Personnel are properly trained in personal hygiene, where appropriate, to avoid contamination. C. Facility Planning and Control

A team has been formed to identify, evaluate, and control feed iand food safety hazards. Check points where hazards may enter the facility are identified and controlled. Verification, monitoring, inspection, and test activities have been determined specific to the need of the product. Does the facility have an internal audit system?

Does the facility have 3rd party audits performed?
D. Manufacturing & Processing
Records are maintained for each product which includes product specifications, formulation, label, and special manufacturing instructions. Procedures exist to monitor and measure the manufacturing processes. Documentation present for such processes.

E. Monitoring Devices
Monitoring procedures have been established to evaluate incoming raw...
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