Fedex Social Responsibility

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Customer, Globalization Pages: 7 (2242 words) Published: April 18, 2011
The company that I have chosen for my research paper is FedEx. FedEx’s Fortune 500 rating is number 60. I have chosen this company for a couple of reasons. FedEx continues to be a major force in the shipping industry and a driving force in the environment (being Green). Another reason (on a personal note) for choosing FedEx was it is headquartered and its main hub is minutes away from my home town. I have been able to see how it personally created jobs. FedEx provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. They offer integrated business applications through eight operating companies, all under the FedEx name, competing collectively. The business competitor environment includes both private and public companies such as DHL, UPS, and even USPS. One of the major issues the company continues to face is the labor issues (pro-labor bill in congress) and the on-going battle between non-unionized FedEx and unionized UPS. FedEx continues to show many different fashions of management fundamentals. We will review four concepts that we reviewed in class: Social responsibility, corporate strategy, diversity, and information technology. Social Responsibility: According to our textbook, social responsibility is the conscious effort to operate in a manner that creates a win-win situation for all at stake. (Lussier, 2008) This means that the company must provide safe products and services with customer value for the customer. The company should improve the quality of life, or at least not destroy the environment for society. And through technology, the company should develop new ways of increasing customer value and the quality of life. In other words, giving back to the communities in which the company has a visible presence. The mission of the FedEx Social Responsibility department is to actively support the communities they serve and to strengthen their global reputation through strategic investment of their people, resources and network. They have three core focus areas that their investments can impact in important and meaningful ways: Emergency and Disaster Relief, Child Pedestrian Safety, and Environmental Sustainability. Emergency and Disaster Relief: FedEx provides contributions and logistics/ transportation support for emergency and disaster needs. FedEx has established relationships with several relief agencies to help ensure that aid reaches people quickly and efficiently during times of crisis. These agencies include the American Red Cross, United Way International and Heart to Heart International. Pedestrian and Child Safety: Safety is a core value of FedEx, and it is the first consideration in all operations. They currently partner with the National SAFE KIDS Campaign to promote child and pedestrian safety around the world. They also support other organizations that work to enhance the safety of children and transportation systems. Environmental Sustainability: FedEx prioritizes philanthropic and volunteer efforts that focus on environmental sustainability and are strategically aligned with their business goals. They are focusing their investments to create sustainable transportation solutions in the developing world, to preserve valuable ecosystems and to identify new ways to balance access to trade and investment with responsible environmental stewardship. Other Areas:

Education: Education is vital to the future of our communities and to FedEx. FedEx works extensively with programs such as Junior Achievement and Adopt-A-School. They also support organizations that enhance education in the following areas: technology, global economics and trade, cultural diversity and innovative programs that enhance learning. Health and Human Services: FedEx provides support for health and human service needs through our relationships with the United Way and March of Dimes. We also support youth development organizations and others that meet...

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