Fedex Case Analysis

Topics: Employment, Management, Leadership Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: August 16, 2010
Q1.If you were the HR Head of a major competitor of FedEx:
a) List down the 3 HR practices which you would emulate of FedEx. Explain reasons for the same. Ans)
* Leadership Evaluation And Awareness Process (LEAP) - This policy gave FedEx’s Non-Managerial Employees an opportunity to seek Managerial Positions. LEAP created the chance for Non Management Employees to try out their Managerial Skills. LEAP helped Employees of FedEx check whether they were capable of managing Organizations or not. It also gave a chance to FedEx to check out the leadership and managerial skills of its internal Employees.

* “Guaranteed Fair Employee Procedure” (GFTP ) Via “People –Service-Profit “ (PSP) Philosophy – One of the major HR practices which made FedEx a success story was the Guaranteed Fair Employee Procedure where all type of Employee Grievances were taken care of. The philosophy of “ People-Service-Profit” where Employees were kept before the company’s profit making motives lead to more motivated employees ,leading to more profits in the long run .It was believed that people before profits were would lead to more efficient work on behalf of the employees to the customers , thus strengthening the brand image of FedEx.

* Succession Planning Executive Education (SPEED) – The SPEED program introduced at FedEx were done mainly to give feedback to the high level employees reporting directly to the CEO or to the top management of FedEx. Feedback was given periodically n order to rate the skills and promotability of the people who were likely to replace them in the near future. Such Employees were suggested which areas they needed to work on to improve their skills for their new positions some years down the line.

b) If you had to attract top Talent from Fedex, what would be your strategy for this, assuming compensation and role were not the key factors for attracting talent from Fedex? Develop your response based on the case study (identifying areas where...
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