Federalists vs Democrat Republicans

Topics: Federalism, Alexander Hamilton, United States Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Federalists Vs. Democratic-Republicans

Hearing about political parties, Washington was not too keen on the idea. Conversely, he was part of the uprising of the first two political parties. Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, previously named anti-federalists, were the two different political organizations. The first two parties to evolve were very different regarding beliefs of the common people, views of the government, their stances on the foreign policy, and ways to manage finances.

Alexander Hamilton, a political mastermind, was the first leader of the Federalists. Like him self, the Federalist followers were wealthy land owning men who were powerful and held high jobs within the cities. They believed that industries of mercantilism and business were going to be significant contributors to the success of America’s future. Therefor Federalism was very popular in New England and the North part of the United States because of the popularity of “big business” in those areas. In fear of getting in the middle of a war with another country they did not want any ties with any other countries, but to trade with them. Hamilton and his followers also believed in a very strong central government. They wanted a secure executive branch and trusted it as the key for a strong nation. However, they followed the Constitution, but if they found the need to change anything, and it was necessary and proper and would benefit the nation, they were ok to make the change. The federalists were very strong supporters of the British. Hamilton felt that they should not get involved with the war between France and Great Britain, this however angered the French because without them, they believed, America would have lost the Revolutionary war. Thomas Jefferson led the Democratic-Republicans. This party’s followers were considerably less wealthy than the Federalists. Supporters came from the south and west where there were more of the farmers, small business...
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