Federalists vs. Antifederalists

Topics: United States Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Federalism Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: January 18, 2011
The Federalists and Antifederalists fighting over the ratification of the Constitution brought great hardships for the newly emerging U.S. government and left behind two legacies that would cause conflict for years to come. Both of these groups came from very different social and economic backgrounds. The Federalists were advocates for the ratification of the Constitution while the Antifederalists were advocates for the Articles of Confederation. These parties paved the road for two legacies that still shape America to this day. The Federalist party was founded in 1792. They were derived from the previous party called the Hamiltonians, which was started by followers of Alexander Hamilton. The Federalist party was usually of a higher social class. This party usually consisted of richer people in the country and higher dignitaries. On the other hand the Antifederalists were founded around the same time as the Federalists but were derived from a very different background. The social and economic background of the Antifederalists was from the lower class. The lower class of people consisted of backcountry dwellers and horse farmers. They got their start from a group that followed Thomas Jefferson. This group was originally called the Jeffersonians. The Antifederalists opposed the ratification of the Constitution because they thought it would try and steal power back from the common folk of the country. There were a lot of debtors and paper-moneyites in this group and they saw in the constitution that it would force them to pay back their debts. They favored the Articles of Confederation because it took power away from the central government and gave power back to the common folk. It also gave only one vote in congress for each state instead of the voting being based on population of the state. The Federalists opposed the Articles of Confederation because it took power away from “them”. They had influence and power on their side and greatly enjoyed the support of...
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