Federalist Vs D/R

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Our founding fathers didn’t want political parties, and they tried to prevent them but then in 1796 the Federalist and Democratic/ Republican parties were formed.(D/R) Three issues the federalist and the D/R disagreed on were foreign policy, the powers of the National government vs the state government and tariffs.
First issue the Federalist and D/R parties differed on was foreign policy. Foreign policy was interacting with other countries especially Europe. The Federalist wanted the U.S to be active and they wanted to be an ally with Britain because Britain was our biggest trading partner and they had a navy that were protecting our ships and coastline. However the D/R wanted an isolationist foreign policy because they wanted to stay away from having relations with other countries because they thought if they leaved other countries alone they would leave us alone. The D/R also didn’t want to get pulled into the upcoming war in Europe.
The second issue the Federalist and the D/R disagreed on was the powers of the National government vs the state government. This was listed under article 1 in the constitution. The Federalist believed in using a loose interpretation which was the elastic clause to build a strong government but on the other hand the D/R did not...

Tariffs is a tax on imports. Federalist favored raise money for the government and make your countires products more competitive.( protect american business ) The Federalist were in favor because they wanted to help Northern business. The Feds also liked this because it was an indirect tax that raised money and people didn’t know they were paying it because it was built into the products price. However the D/R didn’t like this idea because they thought that the British would retaliate and put taxes on are goods and that would hurt consumers pay higher prices in america. and we would have to pay more and the good would go up in...
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