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Topics: United States, French and Indian War, Europe Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Siani Bland AP US History Summer Reading Assignment Assignment: Complete the selected readings and submit a written essay. Essay Choice #3

Using Chapters 1&2 of Liberty, equality and power, compare and contrast the British, French, and Spanish imperial goals in North America between 1580 and 1763. British Imperial Goals in North America between 1580 and 1763 In 1580 Francis Drake completed his second circumnavigation of the globe. In 1584 Britain authorized privateers to act against rivals. In 1585 Britain established a colony called Roanoke, this was unsuccessful other exploration and settlement had to be put on hold because of religious disputes between Catholics and protestants following Henry VIII's break with the Catholic Church. With that dispute settled, and encouraged by the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, England quickly caught up with its European rivals. Like the French, the English sailed to the New World in search of a short route to Asia. Other English motives included generating benefits for investors who underwrote joint-stock companies and settlement, finding raw materials for England's growing industrial economy, and mercantilism. Mercantilism involved accumulating wealth in the form of precious metals, establishing colonies, and maintaining a positive balance of trade between home country and colony. Jamestown, founded in the colony of Virginia in 1607, was England's first permanent settlement. Plymouth and the massachusetts Bay Colony followed in 1620 and 1630. Six of England's original colonies were founded before 1640. Six others were established or came under English rule during the Restoration era, between 1660 and 1688. Georgia, the last, was settled in the 1730s. By the late 1600s England's american colonies, as a consequence of years of salutary neglect, had developed their own unique cultures and economies while retaining much of their...
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