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Topics: Heavy metal music, Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Review on Marilyn Manson’s Concert: Rock Am Ring

Marilyn Manson is a band looked up upon by millions of teens in desperation and discontent across the world, a band that empathizes; it seems, to their avid fans. Pulling off extravagant pyrotechnic performances with a gothic overall outdo in his concert ‘Rock am Ring’, the band consists of Brian Hugh Warner, the lead vocalist, largely known a ‘Marilyn Manson’ on stage performances, with ever changing background guitarists, drummers, bassists and keyboardists.

Manson grew up with never ending ordeals in his life. As a kid, he witnessed the sadomasochism sexual fetishes of his grandfather, forming traumatizing images of disturbance and disgust as he grew up. In his elementary Christian school years, he was taunted and constantly brought to the epitome of shame and embarrassment by people he called friends; this episode formed his mindset of the antichrist. Having dwelled in the darkest corners amidst growing up, the memories of Mason’s past left him deranged and helpless with fear; something he never grew out of.

Set side by side American icons alike that of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson- ironically alike characters of life, it is a band that reveals the terrible and crude circumstances of life, and very much so, the pains of growing up and having grown up. Donned in heavy, gothic make up and apparel, Manson’s music genre consists mainly of heavy metal, shock rock, and industrial metal, containing subliminal messages of intoxication, hate, suicide and sexually explicit content like that of sadomasochism and all that alike.

Marilyn Manson’s performance took place on 1st June 2012, in Nürburgring; Germany. Along with thousands of other avid fans on scene anxiously waiting at the entrance of the concert, I felt no less nervous on the impending performance that drew closer with each passing second. Marilyn Manson’s appearance, I knew then, would be no less majestic like I have imagined...
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