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Topics: University, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Minimum wage Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Patrick Goss
Advanced PR Writing: Feature
Word Count: 1050
Purpose: Lay out point of views to the subject
Audience: College athletic supporters

Pay to Play: College Athletic’s Solution to Problems?

Imagine this: you are a star athlete at the University of Miami. You meet Nevin Shapiro, a wealthy businessman who is willing to help you out. As a struggling college student, let alone a college athlete, money is hard to come by. There is no time for work between all the training and practices they sustain. Top booster Nevin Shapiro has a lot to offer like cars, money, yacht trips, jewelry and many other gifts and doesn’t expect anything in return. Do you turn an offer like this down? You have no source of income and Nevin Shapiro will take care of everything to make sure your life is comfortable, what is there to worry about?

Compensation for college athletes could be a solution, or could cause many more problems. Cheating is ubiquitous throughout the college athletics landscape because athletes receive improper benefits. People have many reasons for and against paying college athletes.

Alternatives to Paying College Athletes.

Would paying athletes solve the recruiting and agent issues, which cause athletes to succumb to accepting improper benefits? Many College Athletics experts think so and offer their reasons why it would work. Many alternatives to paying athletes are proposed. One proposed alternative to paying players is giving them a stipend and another would be to allow there more flexibility for athletes to profit from endorsements and sponsorships.

How to pay college athletes? is another great question. Is there really a plan out there worth taking a look at? Ramogi Huma, president and founder of the National College Players Association developed a three-step plan. The first step of the plan is to give scholarships equal the cost of attending at the college. Most “full scholarships” are still short on average $3,200 of the cost of...
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