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January 6, 2014

People are lining up and tickets are being sold rapidly. The excitement is overwhelming as the people watch the entertaining performance by the “King of Rock”. They are all here not only for the amazing performance, but by the cause and event that this excitement is for. This is event is happening because of a special person that has changed lives. People are so excited to be able to do this for someone very special in their lives and hopefully it will inspire others to do the same for others.

Family and staff tell us about their point of view on this event. They show us they’re eagerness and tell us about what they will see at this event and the excitement that will come from it. They tell us that this event will take place on November 15th, and will be accompanied by Senior Max Warren who is an acclaimed Elvis impersonator.

“Max is one of my best friends,” Senior Kristin Banks said. “We have gone to school together since kindergarten. When I had a car wreck a month ago and had to be in the hospital for two weeks, it really cost a lot of money over and above what insurance paid. Now I am in physical therapy, which also costs money. Max was so sweet to want to donate his time and talent to a fund raiser for me.”

This is important, not only for Max but for Kristin, because it will be so special to see one friend help out another friend from what they are having to go through. People are so inspired by this and it is a great motivation for them. Everyone is excited to experience this event for the cause and not just because of the entertainment.

“I just don’t even know the words to thank Max for what he is doing for Kristin and for our family,” mother of Kristin Banks, Iris Banks said. “He is almost like a son to me, I have known him so long. Kristin will be OK, but it will take some time for the physical therapy to work its magic.”

Max is so talented and people are so surprised by it. They are...
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