Feature Article about Cafe Azul's Oreo Cheesecake

Topics: Cheesecake, Oreo, Kraft Foods Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: September 28, 2013
August 23, 2013
The Cheesecake you twist, lick, and dunk!
I was passing by the Moro Lorenzo Gym inside the **** University when one of the most mind-boggling feelings attracted me. The craving feels got my knees wiggling and my stomach springing inside of me. My bodily senses have all been slurped out by these unearthly fancies.

It was most probably due to the undeniable fact that I was already engrossed enough with the food being sold in the cafeterias inside the university. In fact I feel nauseated already just thinking that I would be eating my lunch there again.

Despite all the oddities, one thing was clear- I wanted something new. That’s when Café **** comes in. That’s when I saw it.
It only took me one look to make my mouth water, just one look to completely allure me. The cookie bits sprinkled on top add an exquisite edge to the cake. The cream cheese that wrapped the cake was perfectly done like a delicate piece of art. The Oreo cookies that are flawlessly placed on top makes it stand out among the rest. It was one that makes you regret you destroyed such a scrumptious sculpture but will pay you off in a much greater deal through its superb-ness.

It also only took me one bite to melt my heart totally. The creamy, cheesy, delectable cake was perfectly baked into goodness. The sweet, tangy taste of the cream complimented the chocolatey flavor brought about by the Oreos. I am amazed with each bite while the cake melts slowly on my mouth. The milky feels also made the cheesecake one of the best desserts ever created by humankind. I mean, who wouldn’t agree when in a way, it is a mishmash of a cake, a cookie, and an ice cream?

The cake baked for one hour thoroughly set through the center is bursting with the vanilla sweet, chocolatey, delightful taste. The aroma is so rich and filled with wonderful freshness and savor. The vanilla essence with the chocolate cake blends so well. The velvety butter and margarine that smoothly...
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