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Takagism is sweeping all around China
Getting tired of singing karaoke and drinking with your friends? Don’t know what to do when you hang out? Want to try something excited and funny? The new Takagism will be your new choice.

Many people may feel new to this word, Takagism was actually a game which needs players to find clues to unlock the room and find the way out of the puzzle. The game is very easy; all you need is to click your mouse. It is settled in different rooms and the hero is locked in the room for different reasons. Although they give us the reasons, they are still very bizarre.

The Takagism series are all very classic puzzle games, ever since the developer came up with the first edition called ‘Crimson Room’; the game soon gained popularity among the players around the world.

Now, you can experience all these by yourselves, in many cities, conspiracy rooms like Takagism provide different scene for the players. They brought the virtual world to reality and provide the game vividly. The game needs the cooperation between a team and during the game, the players have to make full use of the team members and divide task properly, then they can find the clues in time and make the way out.

There are different scenes and background of each room, and before entering the room, players should base on the story to play different roles. After entering the room the players should divide task properly and work together, find the hidden clues and secrets under the scene, analyze and combine them and find the final answer.

“We didn’t make it for the first time, because we are quite new to this game and we didn’t cooperate very well”, one of the players came out just told us. “Some clues are just so difficult for us to think about, maybe we will do better next time”.

“This is really awesome, and I have never been so excited before”, a group just succeed in coming out said. “It combines fun with wisdom, and the most important, we need to learn to...
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