Feasibility Study for Resort

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The Production Department

Importance of Production Department in Business
Production Department involves managing the transformation to create products or services. This is important as it keeps the business fresh and allows for new products and services to be created. 

The operations manager is responsible for ensuring that the business remains effective by creating new products and services that will meet the customers' needs. Cost, quality and delivery are all needs that the customer will be interested in. The operations manager will have some responsibility in deciding what processes should be used to produce the product. Choices they may face include technology, process flow and job design. The quality of the product or service is important and should be continuously improved. 

The scheduling of tasks and jobs to ensure that the needed capacity is achieved is another responsibility the operations manager will need to take on. They will also manage the inventory by deciding what to order, when to order it and how much to order. The movement of the products will also be important in this role. 

Product management is also important because those in question will be aware of what is needed, by whom it is needed and how to market the product. They will also know what market the items should be focused on. Workers need a plan to make them aware what is needed, and when it is needed, and this is another role of the production management team. Although a product manager must oversee the entire lifecycle of a particular product, they must also recognize that their main focus should be on driving forward new product development.

The Different Areas of Obligation in Production Department

This Department shall consist of the President, COO, Vice-President for Financial Affairs, Vice-President for Medical Affairs, Vice-President for Nursing Affairs, Director of Medical Education, Quality Assurance Director,...
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