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Topics: Cost-benefit analysis, Costs, Cost Pages: 7 (1554 words) Published: March 8, 2011

A Preliminary Investigation Report
Presented to
The Faculty of the College Computer Studies
University of Iloilo-PHINMA Education Network
Rizal St., Iloilo City

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for Subject
Systems Analysis and Design
of the Course
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Mark Jason D. Beguas
Oscar Anthony Arenio
Marry May Sebur
Mae Suzzette Saquibal

August 6, 2010

Today there are many ways on how to communicate with each other like using of cell phones, computers (chat, email, etc.). But there’s one thing that catch my attention at this university, it’s that why alumni’s can’t communicate with our school easily. That’s why this proposal came up. The University of Iloilo – PEN Alumni Association Inc., online system implemented to improve and to give convenience to both Alumni and Alumni Office. It is to be implemented at University of Iloilo-PEN Alumni Office located Rizal Street, Iloilo City. At present the Alumni Office is using manual system on posting events, alumni homecomings, meetings, news and it is hard for the Office to track down what’s the latest updates on their alumni. This takes too much time and involves too much paper works. With this uprising problem, the researchers decided to develop the Alumni Association Inc. Website to the school. The researchers will conduct a research to the school including collecting of data; perform interviews, brainstorming regarding the project. The Researcher will use appropriate means for the development and implementation of the system. The Researchers will also apply different concepts such Database Management System (DBMS), Information System, Computer Networking/ Internet.

Systems Request Summary
Nowadays the school is familiar with advancement of current technology trends. Contemporary technology trends are always changing and new developments are constantly improving in data management, data quality, web service applications and software. One of the premier technology trends is to ensure high-quality database management. Information on the latest technology trends can be found on sections as a series of tutorials and online training articles geared toward the Information Technology professional. The University of Iloilo-PEN is one of the University that has many online systems implemented to improve and to give convenience to both faculty and students. But none of the implemented system aims regarding on Alumni Online Website. The researchers decided to propose the Alumni Website to the school. The University of Iloilo-PEN Alumni Association Inc. Website will improve the current manual system the Alumni Office is now using. The Alumni Website will automatically perform the task involved the scheduling and monitoring process in detail. After brief research, planning and analysis. The group conducted interview with the Alumni Officer and as with our own observation and we encountered the following problems. 1.The school may have a specific website but it doesn’t advertise certain topics like job hiring to help our newly graduated students and non working alumnus. 2.The alumni office takes hard to communicate with the alumnus of the university. 3.The alumni office uses manual posting of announcement and events for the alumnus of the university.

Organizational Chart
This shows the relationship and the structure of the organization of our company.

Research Objective
General Objective
This research aims to provide an Alumni Association Inc. Website for the University of Iloilo – Phinma Education Network that would give them convenience and accessibility on updates on their respective alumni’s. At the same time in advertising job hiring vacancies along with the requirements and qualifications.

Specific Objective
Specifically, this research aims to do the following:
1. Design a log-in...
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