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Guidelines and Template
for the Preparation of an Outline Proposal
for IAP Feasibility Studies

Table of Contents

0Short description of this guide4

1Introduction to the Proposal5



2User Needs and Conditions6

2.1User Description6

2.2Current situation6

2.3User needs6

2.4Stakeholders and Constraints7


3.1Service Description8

3.2Integrated Solution8

4Service Assessment9

4.1Added Value9




5Proposed study11

5.1Study logic and content11

5.2Consortium and partners11


5.4Project risks12

5.5Cost and price12

Short description of this guide

This document relates to the continuously open “Call for Proposals for IAP Feasibility Studies / Demonstration Projects” as it is available on ESA's electronic tendering system EMITS (http://emits.esa.int) under the Announcement of Opportunity AO6124.

Organisations interested to engage in Feasibility Studies under the IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion) programme are requested to submit as a first step an Outline Proposal to the ESA IAP email account: iap@esa.int.

The purpose of the document is to provide guidelines and a template form in order to assist organisations in generating such an Outline Proposal in compliance with the requirements of the ‘Special Tender Conditions’ of the call for proposals (AO 6124).

All of Sections 1 to 5 must be answered in the Outline Proposal. Please note that as a rough guideline Outline Proposals are typically of length about 25 pages.

Introduction to the Proposal

1 Scope

|Objective and Guideline: | |This section shall provide the “elevator pitch” of the proposed study, a very concise summary, indicating and naming at least the | |proposed service, the intended end user(s) and the minimum of two space assets envisaged to contribute to the service provision. | |Answer by bidder: |

2 Background

|Objective and Guideline: | |This section shall provide the context and significance of the proposed service. | |Following this, it shall describe the following: | |The background trend, or global issue in which the proposed service...
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