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Topics: Call center industry in the Philippines, Philippines, Technical support Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: March 11, 2013

Background of the study
Business is an organization engaged in the trade of good, services, or both to the consumers. In order to apply the knowledge acquired, the proponents will establish a business that trains and deploys call center agents a call center is used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting requests thru the use of telephone. It is operated by a business to administer inquiries and support to the customer on their goods or services. At the same time, they also make outgoing calls to market their products and services. It furnishes different kind of customer relation in a wide rage like travel services, education, financial services and the like.

The proponents decided to have a mutual partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Quezon City Campus to help the graduating students to be prepared by training them. According to the 2006 Trace Study of the graduates, 91.43% of them are employed and 11.43% of them are working in BPO industry, with an equal percentage in Academic Industry and 14.29% is in the Service Industry. It only shows that students prefer Service, Academic and BPO industries.

In order to help the students of PUP-QC, the proponents will establish a call center training agency to aid the student’s need in acquiring the demand of Call Center Companies.
Athena Call Center Training Agency will provide well-trained Call Center Agent to meet the demand in the market. It will also deliver a training program for the companies with their agents who will need professional advancement for fast paced technological innovations. History of the Project

A call center is a centralized office used to deliver customer service through the phone such as receiving and responding to inquiries, collection of payments, providing technical support and other services which can be facilitated verbally through remote communications. Contact centers initially emerged in the...
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