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Chapter 1
Nowadays, sicknesses transported by mosquitoes are very dangerous on this planet. Even when most of these diseases threaten populations in other countries where there's a much larger density of mosquito population, you still have to end up being watchful. There are still mosquitoes in your neighbourhood and they could very well be holding fatal diseases. Insect bites can be bothersome. They can be very itchy which leads to constant scratching which may eventually result to secondary bacterial infection, hyper pigmentation and scarring. The usual remedy is to put a steroid cream to lessen the redness and itchiness. Steroids have anti-inflammatory effects. They are effective in treating insect bites but prolonged use may cause adverse effects like hypo pigmentation, skin atrophy and many others. People use ointments for a variety of reasons, such as soothing pain and oftentimes to medicate themselves. These days ointments are chiefly for medicinal use - just the thing for rubbing on that nasty rash. Currently, commercial ointment is so expensive and many people have no money to buy it. Our country is in crises today, so we must think of a better alternative for a much cheaper medicine.

The proponents have come up with another alternative to treat insect bites and that is the application of Alagau ointment. The purpose of alagau ointment is to provide immediate relief for itching and pain. It also helps to prevent skin irritation and it is used to repel insect bites. The production of alagau ointment will cater the needs not only for the child care but also it would be of great help for those people who suffer itchiness and pain.

Background of the Study
Alagau (Premna Odorata Blanco) is a tree that grows wild in many other places in the Philippines. For many years now, Alagau has been considered a drug and one of the great medicinal herbs of the Philippines, being used to loosen phlegm and relieve coughs. It is also claimed to benefit tuberculosis and headaches. Its leaves are also used to repel insects. Alagau is common in thickets and secondary forest at a low altitude, sometimes purposely planted around dwellings from the Bataan Islands and northern Luzon to Mindanao, in most island provinces. This species is found only in the Philippines.

This plant is small, hairy tree 3 to 8 meters in height. The leaves are ovate to broadly ovate and 10 to 20 centimeters long, with broad, rounded or somewhat heart-shaped base, and pointed tip. These are very aromatic when crushed. According to Sunico-Suaco and Valenzuela the leaves do not contain any alkaloid, tannin, saponin, or cyanogenetic substance. The leaves, however, yielded 0.02 per cent of essential oil, which was yellowish-green and had the characteristics aroma of alagau leaves; and an oleoresin, which m. p. 112.5°C., whose constants were: acid number 103; saponification number 246.5 ester number 143.5, and acetyl value 416.2. The oleoresin contained 2.87 per cent methoxyl. This ointment is organic so there are no worries of side effects. It can also be used in minor skin irritations like fungal infection. Compared to the usual steroid creams, the Alagau ointment is much cheaper. In light with the above mentioned, the researchers opt to pursue this study to be able to test its feasibility and the viability of the production of alagau ointment that would be of great help for those people in this country. In Taipei, Aug.14 (CNA) there were 12 new cases of indigenous dengue fever last week in Taiwan, which means the peak season for the mosquito-borne disease has arrived, the Centres for Disease (CDC) said Tuesday.

More and more Filipinos are infected with the dengue virus, largely disproving President Benigno Aquino’s claim in his State of the Nation Address (Sona) that the Philippines is on its way to managing the deadly mosquito-borne disease. The Department of Health (DOH) on Thursday reported a...
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