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Topics: Coffee, Coffee preparation, Supply and demand Pages: 33 (7392 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Name of Business : MnM Wine Bar & Cafe
Business Address : Marina Mall Bldg. Dagupan, Tabuk City Nature of Business : Merchandizing
Form of Ownerhip : Partnership
Owners of Business : Marijoy O. Gaspar, Melody P. Labrador, Noreen C. Ciano

The name of the business venture was conceived out of the initials of the first names of the founding partners: Melody, Noreen and Marijoy. This was inspired by the need to come up with a name which is easier to recall and quite catchy to mention.

MnM Wine Bar and Cafe will be located at Ground Floor Marina Mall building, Dagupan, Tabuk City. This address is right within the commercial district of Tabuk City as well as being located in a strategic location that is very accessible to a lot of potential clients.

MnM Wine Bar and Cafe revolves around two primary raw materials: wine and coffee. The wines and coffee drinks shall be made from various flavors and mixes, since they will be derived from naturally existing ingredients. The drinks will be affordable and shall be instrumental in the creation of an atmosphere which is conducive for clients to unwind and relax, especially after a day’s work.

Vision and Mission
Our mission is to meet the consumer’s desires of high quality product and services and to provide employment to the people of Tabuk City. Our objectives, is to provide goods and services that meet the satisfaction of the customer, to promote social responsibility and awareness in the conduct of business operations, to help minimize poverty by providing employment. Our vision is to expand business by branching out not only to the region but to entire Philippines.

II Management of the Project
Owner of the firm decided to start the business as a partnership, the nature of this is to organize the business easily and it is subject to less government regulations the MnM Wine Bar & Cafe is consist of three partners. The partnerships are all general partners where all of them are liable for all firms obligations and liabilities to the extent of their personal assets. Profits and losses of the company will be equally distributed among the partners.



Cashier1-must have good inter personal skills
-computer literate
-must have knowledge on accountingP10,000

Bartender1-must be graduated in 2-4 year HRM course
-know how to bartendingP10,000

Security Guard1-Must have experience or maybe trained.
-registered on agencyP7,000

Waiter1-Must be hardworking
-must be at least high school graduate.P5,000

Compensation are base on the prevailing salaries of Private Agencies in Tabuk City.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Employees
The one that is responsible for managing in all areas of operation of the business. He has the ultimate authority, he has also the power to interview and hire applicants and also terminate employees with justifying reasons.

Common duties of Manager includes overall management of the business staff, budgeting and financial management. Cashier:
Under financing staff, focuses on handling of cash money, the one that is responsible for handling customers payment. Waiter:
Operating staff, that attending to customers. Their duties include preparing for customers orders, serving drinks and food and cleaning up before, after and during servings. Bartender:
Part of the operating staff, with the major functions like preparing coffee and mixing wines. Security Guard:
Also part of the operating staff, his duties are to secure and maintained the safety of the customers and as well as the personnels.

Market Study
1. Market projection: The target markets are the people belonging to the age level of 18-80 years old and above specially the students, employees and others.

In 100% of our target market 30% are students, 30% are...

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Noryn Busacay Bagano DTI Dagupan Weste, Tabuk City,Kalinga
Grendolyn Sallidao Business Woman Laya East, Tabuk City
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