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Topics: Farm, Marketing, Tagaytay City Pages: 10 (3604 words) Published: January 12, 2013
* 1. A Feasibility Study on the Establishment of a Semi-Commercial Hogs Farm in Alfonso, Cavite The LGD Farms * 2. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION
* 3. In the Philippines, pork is one of the basic foods which Filipinos eat. It is one of the best sources of protein needed by the body to be strong and healthy. That is why a need for a farm arises. Introduction * 4. Hog raising business has been a very popular and dependable business in the Philippines. In fact, Hog raising business had dominated the swine industry as a healthy and viable commercial sector.Even in our traditional Filipino Festival/Occasion, Filipinos always crave for cuisine with “PORK”. “Di kompleto ang Okasyon kung walang handang baboy”. * 5. This statement had marked our traditional way of celebrating special occasions in our lives, and it proved our undying taste for pork. The Philippine Department of Agriculture’s vision is to modernized smallholder agriculture and fisheries to a diversified rural economy which would be dynamic, technologically advanced and internationally competitive. * 6. As of July 2008, it was recoded at 35.6% of the labor force, roughly around 12 million people, are employed in the agriculture industry, which includes the hunting and forestry sectors. The situation being such, the agriculture sector aims for security, sustainability of the natural resource base, social equity and global competitiveness. * 7. The Philippines takes specific measures to achieve these goals through the protection and development of watersheds; proper management of agricultural land and water resources; establishment of biogas facilities; providing marginalized sectors preferential access to productive assets and providing essential measures and support services. * 8. Vision The LGD Farms envisions itself as a hog raising farm promoting and maintaining environmental friendly identity to its employees, customers and to to the community. LGD Farms also envisions itself to be a naturally independent source of BioGas which can be used as a substitute for LPG to be used in the farm. The LGD Farms also envisions for the expansion of hog operation.The LGD’s Vision/Mission Statement * 9. Mission The LGD Farms will create an environmentally friendly identity through undertaking the proper and efficient way of waste disposals to avoid harming and distorting others. The LGD Farms will introduce its environmental friendly BioGas facility through using the hogs’ waste, by converting these waste into useful mathaine gas. * 10. The LGD Farms will undergo expansion after five years through constructing additional building and adding parent stocks for the purpose of increasing their productiion to supply larger amount in the demand supply gap * 11. CHAPTER III PROJECT BACKGROUND

* 12. Name of the Proposed Business: LGD FarmsNature of the business: Hogs ProductionType of business organization: Sole ProprietorshipLocation of the project: Kaysuyo, Alfonso, CaviteProject Background * 13. Source of Capital Funding of LGD Farms’ general operation and other financial demands will be sourced from the savings of the proprietor. Mr. Jandel A. Gimeno will invest P 4,600,000 in the business. * 14. Proposed Name of the Business “LGD Farms” will be the name of the business as agreed upon by the proponents. The proponents adopted the letters E and J from the name of the proprietor’s parents, Efren and Jovita Gimeno. * 15. The project will adopt a sole proprietorship type of business organization. Sole proprietorship type of business organization is one which is owned and run by an individual and where there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business. Type of Business Organization * 16. All assets of the business are owned by the proprietor and all the debts of the business are proprietor’s debts and he/she must pay it from his/her personal resources which will result to unlimited liability. * 17. The proponents opt to form the...
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