Feasibility Study

Topics: Politics, Academic degree, Political philosophy Pages: 70 (21019 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Table of Contents
Executive summary4
Project title:6
The Founding Philosophy:6
Vision Statement:6
Mission Statement:6
Estimated Budget:7
Fixed Assets:7
Country Review:8
People and Society8
History/Industry Outlook:10
Egyptian Political Center Marketing Study11
Marketing Mix11
Type of market14
Competitive profile15
Master’s program15
Political awareness courses16
SWOT analysis17
Market Share20
Market share for the Master’s program20
Market share for Political awareness campaigns21
Product-Market Mix22
Marketing Conclusion22
Egyptian Political Center Technical Study23
Basic Portrayal of the Transformation Process23
Transformation Process23
Location Analysis Factor Rating24
Analysis of Factors24
Technical Conclusion25
Egyptian Political Center Organizational Study26
Business Structure26
Organizational Structure26
Organizational Chart27
Manning Table28
Legal Aspects34
Company Formation Law34
Tax Situation34
Additional Organizational data34
Corporate Social Responsibility34
Profit Distribution35
Egyptian Political Center Financial Study36
Financial Statements and Analysis36
Income Statement36
Balance Sheet52
Statement of Cash Flow67
Loan Payment Schedule75
Source of Fund76
Financial Ratios and Analysis76
Appraisal Methods79
Payback Period79
Net Present Value80
Internal Rate of Return80
Data Used for Calculating Financial Statements80
Financial Study Conclusion82
Conclusion of the Egyptian Political Center Feasibility Study84
Recommendations for Making Project Feasible84
Reference Table85

Executive summary
This project is a Center that gives lessons to people about politics and political systems. This is aimed to raise people’s political backgrounds in order to have a better understanding of how to take decisions. This center would also provide higher degrees, such as a Master’s degree in politics for those interested in pursuing a more professional career. The financial study conducted for EPC showed three conclusions: Firstly, the included financial statements, which define the company’s position on different occasions, the financial statements of importance in this study are the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow. The balance sheet is made at the end of each year for five years as a snapshot of the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. The income statement is made for five years to show how well the company generates profit, and while the company is lacking on that aspect, several recommendations were made to improve that. The statement of cash flows shows wise asset management is within the company, whereas nothing is paid for unless absolutely necessary. Second part includes the ratios, liquidity ratios show a good liquidity position, as current assets are always enough to cover current liabilities, which means that the firm can steadily finance its short term and long term financial needs. However, profitability ratios are the real problem with the company’s financial position, as it shows low ROE and ROA for the first 3 years, but becomes excellent in the fourth and fifth years; this is when the company starts to make real profit. Efficiency ratios show that EPC will retain all needed accounts receivable from their customers in 70 days on average. Capitalization ratios show that the company tries to sustain itself through equity rather than debt. Egyptian Political Center is located in 6th of October city which is suitable for the city in many ways; namely price,...
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