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Topics: Laptop, Personal computer, Intel Core Pages: 6 (1398 words) Published: January 31, 2007

Ms. Lovely M. Wiggers
Business Systems Manager
Operations Development and Project Services
Aim Investments, Inc

November 5, 2006

Ms. Wiggers,

Please accept the attached Feasibility Study of Notebook computer for the Sales' Staff.

I evaluated each model to determine which laptop best suits our needs. Each model must meet the following these requirements 60MB hard drive size, 1 GB RAM, Wireless Capability , Windows XP Operating System, Microsoft Office. I recommend purchasing the HP Compaq nc6320 Notebook. This notebook has met the entire requirement and for the price this was the best choice. By purchase this notebook this will alleviate the problem associate with laptop that the sales staff is currently using. If you have any additional questions or require any additional information I will be happy to answer them. Sincerely,


Studies have shown that advancement in technology has improved employee's productivity tremendously in the last ten years. The current company laptops are outdated and inadequate to keep up with the demand of our sales staff. It is imperative that each laptop has accessibility to programs and information needed by the sales force while in the field. These laptops where purchased in the year 2000 and are severely outdated. They are unable to support our current work systems.

After speaking with members of the sales team we found that there are several issues with their current laptops. One problem is RAM; this is the most important factor in computer performance without sufficient amounts of RAM these computers will not run properly. The process speed of is also a problem. These computers are unable to support the new sales database. The battery life is too short and the computers are excessively heavy. Within the last year we have paid an excessive amount in technical support to keep these laptop operating properly and updating the laptops. Purchasing new computers for the staff will give them the ability to work productively in the field and keep up with the demands of their workload.

Dell's D420 business-minded Latitude notebooks have always been more about functionality than form, but the Latitude D420 manages to pack some decent specs into a package that is both small and attractive, making this ultra portable the smallest laptop Dell currently offers according to CNET.com. This notebook comes with all the latest features including the Genuine Window® XP Professional operating system. Although the Latitude is more expensive it contains 1024 RAM and more battery power than most laptops. One of the drawbacks for the Latitude notebook is the native high resolution, which results in small text. This notebook comes standard with built-in wireless capabilities and three-year on-site technical support.

Although it's not a performance powerhouse, the HP Compaq nc6320 comes with enough speed, battery life, features, and design perks for the typical employee--at a lower price than some competitors (cnet.com,2006 June 26). The HP Compaq nc6320 Notebook comes with the Genuine Window® XP Professional operating system with built in wireless capabilities. It also contains an Intel® Core™ Duo Processor T2600 with the speed of 2 GHz. HP offer three-year on-site technical support standard with each purchase. This notebook is two pounds heavier than the Dell's D420 business-minded Latitude notebook but it does have more RAM than other laptop computers.

In a review from pcmag.com the Gateway M465-e was described as having fast processing speeds. The Gateway M465-e also contains upgrades from integrated to discrete graphics and significant improvements on video-encoding tests (www.pcmag.com, 2006 August 28). Cisco Cheng refers to the Gateway M465-e notebook as bland and heavy. This notebook includes an Intel Core 2 dual Processor with 2.16 GHz speed....
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