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Topics: Nurse, Nursing, Sacrifice Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Miguel, Layra Michelle C.
IV- Nursing

Situation No.1
The cause of the problem is presenting the wrong solution and unfamiliarity in the care setting. Vertical conflict is the conflict that they are facing, there are different opinions from superior and subordinate are most often by inadequacy of communication. The surgeon has a higher position so the resolution for this conflict is accommodation which means self sacrifice. If the surgeon stated that the nurse is stupid, the nurse must set asides her feelings about this and focused on the operation they are currently attending and give attention to the problem after the procedure. Inform the surgeon that you are new to that orthopedic operating room, still unfamiliar to the routines and adjusting to the surroundings.

Situation No.2
The cause of the problem is conflict in duty hours and the nurse pregnancy. The conflict is under Horizontal or line and staff conflict which arises when a common struggle or strife between department. The nurse’s have their own assign patients and need to do and when a conflict arise in one of the patients, it is possible that the others will be affected, there are adjustments and sacrifices. The resolution for this conflict is compromise, both parties seek expedient and have both power. Being a staff nurse sometimes need a self sacrifice and adjustment if needed. The nurse best need to do is to solve the problem by its importance. The nurse who is pregnant must understand that sudden change in schedules is not helpful but her condition needs to consider too and must advise that being nurse need professionalism and going home is out of it. The nurses with 12 hour shift must inform that meningitis is a communicable disease and acquiring that disease by a pregnant woman is not a good choice.

The conflict that I’m facing recently is the misunderstanding between me and my auntie. We often misunderstand our action and take it wrong which cause complicated...
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