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Transportation is a major aspect for hosting an Olympic Game and for London, the capability to deliver a safe and cost-effective transportation system was a major issue during their bidding process. In this respect, London is embarking on a project to improve the light railway ("LR") system or tramways between the new venues and the existing transport infrastructure. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held mainly in East London and the existing light railway system which serves the area is the Docklands Light Railway ("DLR"). The DLR now includes routes extending for a total of 31 km. There are five branches: to Lewisham in the south, Stratford in the north, Beckton and King George V in the east, and to Central London, splitting to serve Bank and Tower Gateway. Although the system allows many different combinations of routes, at present the following four are operated in normal service: •Stratford to Lewisham

•Bank to Lewisham
•Bank to King George V
•Tower Gateway to Beckton
(See Appendix 3 for the map of the DLR)
2.2Purpose of the report
The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) are interested in evaluating the feasibility of prospective extensions to the existing light railway system or compatible tramways links to improve London's ability to move large numbers of spectators, athletes and local workers during the 2012 Olympic Games. The purpose of conducting the feasibility study is to assess the viability and achievability of a cost effective way to introduce light railway system extensions or compatible tramway links to improve London's ability to move large numbers of spectators, athletes and local workers during the 2012 Olympic Games ("Games"). This feasibility study is conducted for the LOCOG who wants to improve the transportation system, primarily in the East London area where the majority of the Games are to be held. The reason for the need to improve the transportation systems in East London is mainly due to the potential problems with regards to the expected increase in the number of commuters during the Games.

2.3Stakeholder Analysis
The stakeholders of the extension project are as follows:-
OriginatorLondon Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Owner and SponsorThe Government of United Kingdom
Project ChampionMayor of London
UserDocklands Light Railway
The general publicThe general public
Project Team
•Procurement Manager
•Quantity Surveyor
•Project Mechanical Engineer
•Project Electrical Engineer
•Project Architect
•Facility Manager
•Quality Assurance and Control
Senior Management
•Olympic Transport Authority
•Project Consultants
Functional Manager
Human Resource and Workforce Consultants

Sub contractors
•Civil engineering contractor
•Electrical engineering contractor
Suppliers and Vendors
•National Electricity Board
•National Water Works
•London Post
•London Telecom
Legal Requirements
England Transportation Law

2.4Defining the client's need
It is the objective of the client to meet the following requirements:- •The project has to be able to cope with the commuters anticipated during the Games and also future anticipated traffic •The LR system should be able to operate at least 20 hours continuously throughout the day with minimal maintenance requirements •The operating life of the LR system is at least 10 years before requiring capital expenditure •The project's budget must not exceed $5 billion

•The LR must be energy efficient and noise pollution to be within safe levels •All safety and regulatory standards for LR system has to be met. •The project needs to be operational and commissioned by the year 2010 •The new routes for the LR have to be able to easily accessible and able to offer an viable alternative transportation system to commuters,

2.5Project Viability Study
Location of the project
The location of the project is in East London where there are...
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