Feasibility Report

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Concrete, United States customary units Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Builder Pros


To:John Keesler, Owner
From:Deborah Fletcher
Date:Monday, February 4, 2013

Subject: Tow Behind Concrete Mixer


This feasibility report is to determine whether Builder Pros will benefit by purchasing a new tow behind concrete mixer. Builder Pros is a subcontracted construction company. On average, Builder Pros pours six concrete slabs per month. By purchasing a tow behind concrete mixer, Builder Pros can reduce man hours by 16 hours per job. Currently, the process of hand mixing the concrete requires 3 people to complete the job. This machine will allow one person to keep up with the cure time for small projects, rather than three.

You have three to choose from.
* 9198 Multiquip Whiteman WM120PHD 12 cubic ft Honda Gas Poly Drum Mortar Mixer * 9197 Multiquip Whiteman WM120SHHD 12 cubic ft Honda Gas Steel Drum Mortar Mixer * 1098 Crown 12SH Hydraulic Mortar Mixer

I recommend you purchase the 9197 Multiquip Whiteman WM120SHHD12 cubic ft Honda Gas Steel Drum Mortar Mixer.


Builder Pros was established ten years ago. During the past decade, Builder Pros has grown into a profitable sub-contractor business. Builder Pros employees have experience in all types of construction. One job they often get hired for is to pour concrete slabs. These slabs can be used for bike racks, curbs or parking lots. In the summer of 2012, Builder Pros averaged six pours per month for three months. Due to the process of hand mixing, three employees were required to be present for the pours for five days during the curing process.

By purchasing a tow behind concrete mixer, we can eliminate two of the employees per job, thereby reducing man hours. Also, one person can complete the pour in three days instead of five. This is a reduction of 96 man hours. At 17 dollars an hour, this will save Builder Pros $1,632 per concrete pour. I conducted this feasibility report with a $6,500 budget....
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