Feasibility Formats

Topics: Marketing, Balance sheet, Strategic management Pages: 4 (430 words) Published: March 19, 2011

A.Background of Study
a.Statement Shirt
-Origin and Distribution
B.Statement of the Problem
a.Management Aspect
b.Marketing Aspect
c.Technical Aspect
d.Financial Aspect
e.Socio-Economic Aspect
C.Significance of the Study
D.Scope and Limitation
E.Objectives of the Study
a.Management Aspect
b.Marketing Aspect
c.Technical Aspect
d.Financial Aspect
e.Socio-Economic Aspect

A.Name of the Enterprise
C.Descriptive Definition of the Study
D.Project’s Long-Range Objectives
E.Feasibility Criteria
F.Highlights of the Project
a.Nature of the Industry
b.Mode of Financing
c.Investment Cost
d.Project Time Table
G.Major Assumptions and Summary of Findings and Conclusion
a.Management Feasibility
b.Marketing Feasibility
c.Technical Feasibility
d.Financial Feasibility
e.Socio-Economic Feasibility

NOTE: Please include the Schedule for Pre-Operational Expenses.

A.Management during Pre-Operating Period
B.Management during Operating Period
a.Form of Ownership
d.Quality Policy
e.Organizational Chart
f.Officers and Key Personnel
i.Job Description and Job Specification
ii.Personnel Schedules
g.Project Time Table
h.Management Policies
i.Employment Policies
3.Punctuality and Attendance
4.Dress Code
6.Employment Record
7.General Code of Conduct
8.Personal Hygiene

i.Operating Policies
j.Accounting Policies
k.Store Policies
l.Legal Requirements

NOTE: Please include Schedules for Withholding Tax, Partnership Contract, SSS, PhilHEALTH and Pag-IBIG.

CHAPTER III –Marketing Aspect
A.Product Description
a.Name of the Products
b.Product Positioning
c.Properties of the Products

d.Uses of the Product
e.Major Users of the Product
f.Geographical Areas of Dispersion

a.Sample Size...
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