Fear: Psychology and Fears

Topics: 2008 albums, Psychology, Success Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: June 15, 2011
Everyone has fears; fears are a natural part of life. My greatest fear is to fail to reach my goals, lose hope, and finally that everybody might think I am a loser. Sometimes I dream of success. Yet failing in life can’t be replaced with dreams. So if I put a lot of effort and work into something and I fail, I’d feel very bad about myself and my lack of ability. This is one of my greatest fears. Being a failure would cause me to lose hope. First of all, I would lose my self-confidence and self-respect. Without self-confidence, i would not likely try to achieve my goals again. Therefore, failing would make me lose the most important thing to all of us, "hope" as hope is what allows a person to reach his/her goals and overcome their fears. I find it more difficult that I, being a failure, would have to face people that might think I am nothing more than a loser. First of all, I would lose my respect to my family and relatives because not only would I fail in my dreams, I would also fail to achieve the expectations that my family has for me. I would feel so embarrassed if everybody thought of me as a failure. Moreover, being a failure, i would have to face my worst emotion, fear of judgment. I would not want my fears turned into reality. Every time I think of my fears I work harder to avoid becoming a failure. I try very hard to overcome this fear because dealing with a fear now means I can get over it in the future and be confident.
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