Fear and Phobia Type

Topics: Fear, Phobia, Cognitive behavioral therapy Pages: 4 (749 words) Published: November 30, 2013

General purpose: To inform

Specific purpose: To inform my listeners about strange types of phobia.

Central idea: clarifying strange types of phobia such as Ablutophobia, Globophobia ,and Pediophobia effects and how to avoid them.


I. Attention Material:

A. I am synonymous with fear, the one thing you hope will disappear, never to be near, I come in forms, plenty, I can even affect your sanity. Who am I?

1) It is Phobia, which is an unusual exaggerated, illogical fear of a specific object on situation. 2) No one is garn with Phobia, simply they are resulted became of past threatening situations leads to production of fear. 3) Phobia is associated with trembling, dread on panic uncontrollable physical response to the extent it can become paralyzing.

B. About 11% of people have had phobia some time.

1) Women are twice as likely as men.
2) Women also have Phobias at a younger age than men.

II. Orienting Material:

A. A Phobia is a fear response to some stimulus that is illogical in its intensity and not based a real thread so there is no basis in fact for such a strong reaction.

B. This fear can range from seven to mild, pain turn you into a shat-in on it can simply keep you away from social situations.

C. People with Phobia are often paralyzed by their fear and will do anything to avoid it.

(Transition: lets focus on the three types of phobia with its causes and treatment)


I. Causes:

1. Research show that certain Phobias may run in families.
Ex: Twins who are raised separately in different locations may develop the same Phobias.

2. The trigger to Phobias might be past life experiences such as a stressful situation, a frightening event or a parent or a household member.

(Transition: lets introduce strange types of phobia)

II. Types of Phobia:

A. Ablutophobia

1. Persistent abnormal fear of bathing, washing, and cleaning. 2. Childhood accident...
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