Fear and Anxiety Are Endemic in Contemporary Society and Must Be Controlled and Harnessed for a Healthy Life. Is This a Central Idea in Look Both Ways?

Topics: Fear, Anxiety, Paranoia Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Fear, an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger, is prevalent in civilization today and must be well managed in order for one to lead a healthy life, in context of social, mental physical and spiritual wellbeing. Health and trepidation are two fundamental themes found in the film Look Both Ways. It is found that fear and anxiety are dolefully present throughout society today which is reasonably revealed in this film. Fear can lead to one taking steps to rid their lives of risk so that consequently one may live a wholesome, healthy existence. However, this film also demonstrates that if ones fear is left uncontained then it can negatively impact one’s life.

The presence of fear and anxiety throughout modern society is apparent, which is greatly verified in Look Both Ways. It is attributed that whenever an individual is touched with recent events of death or the risk of death, a certain fear is built up around it. This is demonstrated when Nick receives news that he has developed a fatal disease and he directly associates this with his father’s death which occurred fairly recently. He develops paranoia of the insecurity of the future and of being treated in the equally demeaning way to that of his own father close to his death. Meryl after returning from her father’s funeral and witnessing a horrific accident is overwhelmed with visions of death which is depicted in her cautious behaviour, wild imagination and artistic mediums. Her paintings revolve greatly around her fixation of death.

Fear is an important aspect of creating a stable, realistic, healthy life for oneself. Without fear, there is no way in which someone can make reasonable, calculated decisions and risks. The presence of fear in a person’s life can substantially reduce the hazards and danger that a person can be subject to due to the impacts of ones decisions. This is established in the film Look Both Ways when Nick and Meryl list the...
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