Fdr's New Deal

Topics: Great Depression, President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 13, 2012
When the Great Depression swept over the nation, the country was left in shambles. In order to resolve the problems at hand, solutions and abrupt change needed to be taken. The country had seen little progress taken by President Hoover, but when Roosevelt took office, the nation began to seem immediate change. Although some displeased with his steps forward, Roosevelt and his brain trusts worked progressively and effectively to activate immediate change through relief systems for the hurting country. FDR’s new deal jump started many relief programs that eased the ache of many homes. However, not everyone was in favor of his fast-paced progressive actions and understood it to be heading towards communism. A particular patron addressed in his letter to Senator Robert Wagner that relief in so many areas will end up leading to disaster in the end. Others felt that the federal government was abusing their authority and some even brought them to the courts to address such matters. As addressed in New Masses, some felt that the women we’re being overlooked and the government cared only for the jobless men. Others felt that Roosevelt overlooked the Negro population However, in the midst of all the complaints and displeasure, FDR offered many significant relief systems in his new deal. William Lloyd Garrison, Jr. pointed out in “The Hand of Improvidence,” that “some assisted and some retarded the recovery of industrial activity.” Some programs, such as social security, provided assistance for those of age who needed it. Overall, the programs revived the needs of the hurting economy. Roosevelt took a course of action and made change a goal within reach. Although many were unhappy and saw no purpose in the steps he took, the results showed that his programs rescued a drowning economy from despair.
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