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 Do problem 13 due 11/19.

Read Chapter 12 in textbook


make a blog to write what I learnt

Read pages320-322 in textbook

Develop a group case write-up by conducting the technical and managerial analysis as described at the end of the case. Come prepared to discuss your solution in class. 

* Read Chapter 15 in textbook

 Do problem 3 and 10 on pages 389-390 due 11/26.


Apple case


Chapter 9:  1, 9, 14, 15, 16
Chapter 6:  2, 5, 12


--network with alumni
--ask good questions
--brian network
--peter fiche – ops and high tech
--dean – go west
--ask for the skill sets
--talk to hao ge

These 6 credits:| |
IDSc 6423
IDSc 6444
IDSc 6465| Enterprise Systems
Business Intelligence
Global Sourcing of IT and IT Enabled Services|
And at least 4 credits from:| |

IDSc 6401
IDSc 6421
IDSc 6435
IDSc 6442
IDSc 6471
IDSc 6481
IDSc 6490
IDSC 6490| Decision Technologies
Financial Information Systems and Technologies
Business Process Excellence
E-Sourcing and E-Auctions
Knowledge Management
Managerial Decision Making
Business of Blogs, Wikis & Online Social Networks
Information Security|

Additionally, we recommend that students also consider incorporating interdisciplinary courses to obtain a well-rounded business foundation. The following courses are suggested as complementary to an emphasis in information systems.  

FINA 6242
MGMT 6050
MGMT 6040
OMS 6051
MKTG 6080
ENTR 6041| Advanced Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions Management of Innovation and Change
International Strategy and Organization
Service Management
Internet Marketing
New Product Design and Business Development|
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