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Varsha Nair
Skyline Chapter
Skyline High School
Sammamish, WA
Region 4
Career Investigation
Social Worker

Table of Contents
Planning Process3
Evidence of Career Research6
Experiences with Business, Industry, Agencies, and Organizations9
Samples of Course Work11
Use of Family and Consumer Sciences Coursework/Standard12
Career Planning13
Works Cited14

Planning Process
Identify Concerns:
* I am concerned that I may not have enough time to finish this project. Because, I started this late, due to my first project falling apart, I only have three working weeks before the entire project needs to be finished. Goal:

* To understand what a social worker does, and how to become one. Also to find out whether being a social worker is a good career option for me. Form a Plan:
* Interview a social worker to understand why they became a social worker and how they feel about their job. * Job shadow at a social workers office to gain a better comprehension of what a social worker does. * Research the duties and the requirements necessary for social workers. * Decide whether being a social worker is the right job for me. * Finish the entire project before the first week of January. Act:

* Interview social worker online, and do research to decide how to become a social worker, duties of a social worker, and whether it would be a good job for me. Follow Up:
* Send thank you emails to the social workers who helped me with this project.

Live Career: Career Interest Test
First I took a career interest test at livecareer.com. Each question gave three options, and asked which one would I like to do the most, and the least. I have modeled each question as shown below: #1.Most Least

Write a short story
Be the leader of a large group of people
Teach adults how to read

The test gave me an extremely in depth 14 page report about which careers would be best for me based on my interests. Interests – What You Like/Dislike This was graded as a percentile. So because I scored 28% in Administration, I scored higher than 26% of people in this basic interest survey. My highest score was in personal service with 92%.Work Styles

Understanding Your Scores My highest score was in Personal Service. This means that I like interacting with others and providing the public with services involving personal contact. I also scored highly in the Persuasive work style, meaning I enjoy work which involves, advising, counseling, motivating, influencing, or directing activities of others. My lowest overall score was in Systematic in the work styles. I dislike routine assignments in which order and persistent, steady effort are required. Job security is not as important to me. I can tolerate irregular schedules and situations where hasty decisions are required. My lowest job interest is in Health Services. I would be unsatisfied in a career involved in disease prevention and control or laboratory work. Administrative Scores This just explained that my infrequency and inconsistency with my answers were at a normal rate. My answers are accurate to my results. Personality - What Makes You Unique Understanding my personality is also helpful in career planning. For example, an introverted person is unlikely to be successful in sales. This test assesses my personality in terms of my workplace fit. Your Workplace Fit Graph This graph shows my individual set of preferences. I scored the highest in Attentive (Servers), Enterprising (Persuading), and Artistic (Creators). Attentive (Servers) - Attentive types enjoy helping others. Artistic (Creators) - Artistic types are often thought of as original and creative by others. Enterprising (Persuaders) - Enterprising types are people-oriented. Values – What’s Important to You Here I developed an idea of my values. I realized I am motivated by mainly intrinsic views, with just a few extrinsic views. I care most...

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