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FB2400/CB2400 Economics I, Semester A, 2010/2011

Online Quizzes (10 marks)


You are required to complete four online quizzes individually on Blackboard. The topics covered include Consumer Theory (expected to be covered in lecture 4), Production and Cost (expected to be covered in lecture 5 to 6), Perfect Competition (expected to be covered in lecture 7 to 8) and Monopoly & Market Efficiency (expected to be covered in lecture 9 to 10). In each quiz, there are 10 multiple-choice questions, which are randomly selected from the test bank and assigned to each student. Each student is allowed to attempt each quiz via Blackboard ONCE only and there is no time limit for each test. The four quizzes will be posted on Blackboard on 4 October 2010.

The quiz requires in-depth understanding about the theories and their applications. To answer the questions correctly, you are expected to attend the lectures and read the corresponding chapters in the textbook before you attempt the quiz.

Intended Learning Outcomes to be assessed:

The “Online Quizzes” assess your ability to identify the economic concept(s) relevant to each question, and use it (them) to analyze the economic issue involved.

Grading of the Quiz:
The grading criteria are shown as follows:
|Upon completion of ALL four quizzes before the deadline |3 marks for task completion |
|Correctly answer 50% to 75% of the questions |7 (4 marks bonus + 3 marks for task completion) |
|Correctly answer more than 75% of the questions |10 (7 marks bonus + 3 marks for task completion) |

Note that the four online quizzes will be graded jointly. In other words, they will be graded ONLY when ALL four quizzes are submitted online before the deadline (see next section):

• If you complete three quizzes only, you will

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