Fayol 4 function

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organization Pages: 4 (2095 words) Published: October 10, 2013
In today’s world, managers are an important asset to an organization as they supervise and manage work effectively and efficiently in an organisation to meet its target (Robbins et al, 2009, p.8). Therefore, an interview was done in order to understand more about the work of managers. Two managers were interviewed for this assignment firstly, Mr X director of company A which is a large private sector organisation in the machinery industry of the service sector. While the other manager, Ms W is the head of sales department in company B which is also a private but small size organisation which is majoring also in the service sector. Through the interview, it is known that Mr X operates at a top level of the organisational hierarchy while Ms W operates at a middle level of the organisational hierarchy. The main task of Mr X is to establish plans and goals which are profitable for the company in a long run while Ms W has to carry out goals which are being set by the director of the sales department in the company. Furthermore, from the interview we are able to grasp how the performances of both the managers are relevant to Fayol’s 4 management functions. Lastly, evaluating the similarities and differences between the manager’s works thought the universality of management concept. Based on Fayol’s function, he proposed that managers perform on four functions which consist of planning, organising, leading and lastly controlling. Planning is defined as implementation of strategies with suitable recourses to achieve the goal set (Robbins et al, 2009, p.12). In an organisation, planning is viewed as an important function for top level managers while not so much in the other level (Jain, Khanna, Grover, Singla, 2007, p.169). From the interview Mr X has rated a ‘5’ for planning, he explained that as a director he is very involved in decision making to achieve the planned goal. On the other hand, Ms W a middle level manager has rated a ‘3’ for planning. She had explained...
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