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Favorite Teacher

By esaett Mar 28, 2011 389 Words
Favorite Teacher
Hi! My name is Ameha Tsegai. My favorite teacher is Mrs.Magnusen. She is my favorite teacher because she has done a lot for me. She always makes teaching fun and easy. The students in her class learn faster because the way she teaches. I learn fast too because I am also in her class. She is a special teacher, and she is very nice and kind. She is a good teacher because she always makes sure everybody learned the lesson. If one student does not understand the lesson, she carefully teaches them until they understand it before moving on. She does that because she is trying to make sure every body in our class passes the CRCT. She is a really awesome teacher. She is my math and science teacher. I love those two subjects for two reasons. The first reason I like those two subjects is because their real interesting and fun; the second reason is because she teaches it! Another reason Mrs.Magnusen is my favorite teacher is because she knows my family and culture really well. She has also tried the cultural food that the people in the country that my parents were born make. Anyway, she is a one of a kind teacher. She is because she actually cares about if the students completely understand the lesson. Some teachers just teach the lesson and let the book teach them. Mrs.Magnusen goes beyond that point and does most of it on the board, while she’s explaining it. Mrs.Magnusen likes giving extra help to students. When a lot of students need extra help she goes on the computer, finds something that explains our lesson, and pulls it up on the promethean board. That actually helps the students in our class because it explains the lesson step-by-step. The students can take notes on what the board is saying and study it for the next test. That way more students could pass the tests. Mrs.Magnusen also makes the class laugh. That is another good reason for her to be your favorite teacher. Sometimes in the classroom she makes jokes while no one expects it. I have one more favorite teacher. Her name is Mrs. Goff. She is also generous and kind. Her and Mrs.Magnusen are a lot alike.

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