Favorite Place

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Stephanie Ruiz
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My Favorite Place

My favorite place is Centennial Park located in the Grand Canyon of Twin Falls, ID. It's so beautiful there.When you drive down you are more focused on the steep narrow road but the view is great, now if you walk down that's a whole different story.It's a great place for anyone who enjoys: nature,lots of activities and family time .

As I'm walking down you can see the golf course which takes up most of the canyon.There are high walls of rock with tons of little sparrow nests,and some green slimy moss across the walls of rock.There are also some little green trees that are more like twigs of some kind,orange four leaf flowers,water trickling down the sides of the rocks and running down along the edge of the road.As you come about half way down the road off to the left is a huge water fall,you can hear the roar of the water fall as it's flowing down and crashing into the rocks.The further down you go,you can hear the swallow birds singing and it just gets more peaceful from there.You can smell the nature the trees, the salty water and the fresh air.

You will see so many different types of animals like dogs,birds,porcupines,skunks,rock- chucks,and I even saw a raccoon once that was the best.There are so many different colors down here, There are a couple of hiking trails along the way and steep hills that are covered in lite brown and pea green colors,different sizes of rocks and moss. It's amazing how all the colors put together can look so good.As you get to the bottom of the long narrow steep road you can see the Grand Canyon Bridge.It's color is a rusty orange-red, the structure of it is immaculate and amazing.It will take your breath away just looking at it.

There are plenty of things to do down here at Centennial Park.At the bottom of the road is a big parking lot off to the right and and off to the left is a camping area.Right...
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