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Topics: Driver's license, Driving, Driver's education Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Better to Be Safe Than Sorry
If you have managed to obtain a drivers license than you know your main focus should be on the road. Yet some of us continue to be occupied with other things while driving behind the wheel. It’s a serious situation and it needs to stop. Whether it’s hurting someone, hurting yourself or hurting your pockets, it can be avoided. There is no reason we should be texting, eating, taking pictures while driving. It’s a fact that multitasking doesn’t allow you to do the best at both things.

A text message or a phone call can’t be that important. If it is, it’s best to put that on hold for a few. Ten minutes off your phone won’t kill you and if it does you should be in the passenger seat. It’s not that hard to let someone know you’re about to get behind the wheel and you’ll talk to them later. Like when you’re at school, texting is not allowed. Somebody shouldn’t have to say something to you or you shouldn’t have to wait for an accident to happen just to get the picture. It takes your focus off the road. One day, I was driving and got stopped at a red light. I could see the person in front of me texting on his phone. Once the light turned green, we were the only lane not moving but instead beeping like maniacs at the guy texting on his phone. In drivers ed they tell you to keep your hand and eyes on the road while driving. During your driver’s test, you don’t take out your phone and start talking on it. Especially with your instructor in the car, because that’s a safety hazard and you’ll end up failing the test. Bottom lines, if you’re not going to do it while taking the drivers test, don’t do it when you’re on the road on your own.

You’re on the way home from work. You haven’t eaten all day and you don’t feel like cooking. Stop by Chick-fil-a and get a chicken sandwich? Maybe McDonalds. You go through the drive-thru and pick up your meal. The food smells extremely good and all you want to do is grab a few fries while you’re...
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