Favorite Person

Topics: Family, Cooking, Greatest hits Pages: 4 (1678 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Their is a special woman who brought so much joy and delight into to my life. Just thinking her names makes me smile from ear to ear. When I think about my granny so many memories flood my mind. The qualities that stick out are her strength, humor, and excellent cooking ability’s. But, the one that stands out the most is her love she had for me and everyone who meet her.

My granny had her first child at eleven years old and twenty more followed behind, four of them were twins. She raised them by herself without the help of a husband. After all her kids were grown and had moved out the house and had kids of their own she took me in and raised me. We didn’t have much but, we made do with the little we did have. I stayed with the things I needed and never went without food, shelter or clothes. We stayed outside the city limits, so all the people who stayed out there had to burn their trash because the trash man did not come to the country. This one day in particular my granny was burning trash and there was a hair spray can inside the bag. She didn’t know that it was in there and she threw the trash in the fire. As she watched the fire burn the can exploded and caught her on fire. A person driving by seen her and came to her aid. She was rushed to the hospital with third and fourth degree burns over sixty percent of her body. She went through many weeks of physical therapy the doctors told her that she was going to lose her hand motion do to the extent of the burns on her hand and, that she would not be able to move her legs as good as she did before. But my granny worked hard to get her movement back in her hands and legs, and she was up moving around like her old self in no time.

I remember when I was about six years old I came home from school and I was sitting in the living room with my aunt, mother, and granny. And my granny was chewing some gum and I ask her, “granny how are you chewing that gum and you don’t have any teeth?” She looks at me and says,”...
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