Favorite Object

Topics: Love, Positive psychology, Art Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: June 29, 2015
Favorite Object
My favorite object is a hand-made purse which I received in Cambodia last winter. As a member of a charitable organization, I signed up for an international voluntary camp and was assigned to Cambodia. This was the first time I traveled abroad. With a huge expectation and a bit of anxiety on the plane, I cannot help imagine what I am going to face later. No sooner had we arrived the local school than the students enthusiastically welcomed us at the gate. We taught some poor children after class to improve their English ability. They were such active students that showed their eagerness to learn. It really touched my heart. I have not only broaden my horizon but have also developed a strong attachment with those innocent kids during the ten days. Therefore, when it came to the day to leave, my eyes were filled with tears and felt rather reluctant to separate from them. To my astonishment, they held a farewell party for us, giving me a knitted colored purse which was made by themselves. This work of art has a significant meaning to me because it shows an everlasting affection between me and those Cambodian children. From then on, the purse has become the most important belonging of mine. Although it is not as delicate as the ones sold in the market, I can see the value of love and gratitude it carries. Whenever I look at this work of art, I can still recall the laughter we shared which made me courageous. Never will I forget about this memorable trip. Moreover, I determine to visit Cambodia again in the future, hoping to provide them with more resources. I will definitely cherish this hand-made colorful purse forever.
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