Favorite Dish- Past Tense

Topics: Salad, Caesar salad, Dishware Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: December 4, 2014

Anecdotal Exercise: Favourite Dish

Observation & Assessment


A.J Bonnevie

My favourite dish was lasagna and Caesar salad. My mother showed me this dish when I was younger. It is fairly easy to make and very delicious. I use to like to make it all the time when I was living on my own. When I use to make lasagna and Caesar Salad I would always wait to make the salad just before the lasagna was ready to be served. So, to make the lasagna I simply went to my freezer where I kept my frozen lasagna bought from Superstore, and took it out of the box. I preheated my oven to 420 degrees, cause that is what I cooked everything at. When the oven was preheated I placed the lasagna on the rack inside the oven. I waited 30 minutes then I went back to check if it was almost ready. It was almost there so I started to make the Caesar salad. When I made my salad I got all my ingredients out of the fridge, all my lettuce, chopped up bacon and salad dressing. I then took my lettuce, washed it then put it in a big bowl that I grabbed out of the cupboard. After that I took my bacon and salad dressing and added that in the bowl, then I stirred it all up. After I was done stirring my salad I took my Lasagna out of the oven because I knew it would be ready then. I took a knife then cut the lasagna into huge pieces and placed them on a plate, I took 2 wooden spoons and grabbed some salad then put it on my plate. My favourite dish was then ready to be devoured.
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