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Favorite Brand
Antoinette Mitchell
November 5, 2014
Eric Mc Math
Favorite Brand
The world is filled with brilliant products and services developed by diverse companies. These developments have extended consumer choices heightening the level of competition between companies. The implication of this is companies have to develop strong brands that will gain most of the market share compared with their competition. The Apple Company is a well-known company mobile and software industry. Three Passionate Reasons

1. Consumer Visibility: Through their packaging, marketing mix and message development, the company has improved consumer’s visibility over time. They have successfully explained to their customers what to look for when they are buying new phones. 2. Consumer Usability: The Company has put in place a censorship and new features that promote activities, such as file sharing, promoting the usability of their phone. Consumers would want to buy phones that promote easy usability (Cruikshank, 2006). 3. Consumer Accessibility: Apple has done excellent work in getting its services closer to potential customers, better than any other company in the market. The company has invested heavily in information technology and advertising its products in the social media, hence higher sales. Innovation Apple has been rated as one of the most influential brands in the history of the world. Through its brand, the company has expanded business and employed many people through the development of new and innovative products (Lusted, 2012). When compared with other brands in the market, Apple brand always happens to be a step ahead of the competition. In 2012, Apple was voted as the winner of CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence (Scott, 2013). In addition, the company was able to hold this position for several years; this explains how influential the brand has been with time. Customer Relationships We can rarely talk of Apple’s success without mentioning Steve Jobs. The passion held by Steve Jobs in building customer relationships has shown positive signs over the years. Job’s passion has led Apple in the development of cutting-edge and high-quality designs (Lusted, 2012). Apple is a brand that has successfully established emotional connections with the customers that makes it hard for the customers to look at other products offered in the market. The establishment of an emotional connection between the brand and the customers acquired brand loyalty, which is why the company has attained such a great success in a short period (Scott, 2013). By brand loyalty, we mean the possibility that customers are willing to forgive brands in the market, given that those brands may mess things up at times. Apple has been able to attain this by being transparent and trustworthy to its customers. To maintain the trust and transparency to its customers, Apple has widely invested in social media and the internet, thereby getting a chance to narrate a story regarding their products and answer questions by their customers. In addition, Apple has made great efforts in movement marketing. It is at this position that the company has, in addition to telling people about the uniqueness of their products, taken a lot more time to explain what they believe in and what they would want their customers to believe in as well (Cruikshank, 2006). No other brand has been able to do this in the market.
Competitors The company faces stiff competition from other mobile companies such as Samsung and Microsoft. Recent research has revealed how dominant Android has been over iOS in the past several years. The research further reveals that, although Android took 81% of the market share, most of the profits were made by Apple. Apple recorded...

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