Fatimah Za-Zahra

Topics: Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Islam Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: August 20, 2013

Good morning to --------(kalau ade pengerusi majlis ke,pensyarah ke,sebut nama & jwtn) and my fellow friends. Today I would like to talk about someone that we should know her very well. She is a one of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) daughters. She is also Saidina Ali’s wife and mother of Hasan and Hussein, Who is she and what is so special with her? The person is Saidatina Fatimah Az-Zahra r.a. First of all, let’s we start to know about this beautiful person with some background. Saidatina Siti Fatimah Binti Muhammad was born on 20 Jamadil End [5 years before the Prophet received a revelation ] 605Masehi in Mecca Al-Mukarramah. She come from Quraishy tribe, This youngest daughter of Prophet is given titles by Muslims to show their admiration of her moral and physical characteristics. Besides, she is the only family of Prophet Muhammad that gave him descendants, numerously spread through the Islamic world. The most popular title that we used to hear is "al-Zahra", means "the shining one" or commonly referred as Fatimah Zahra.Husband's name: Ali B Abi Talib Saidatina Fatimah is an inspiring lots of women in Islamic world.

Siti Fatimah has a noble heart and attitudes. First, she obey to her father. She keeps on look her father until she has been known as "Mother Abiha" means, [Mother to her father]. She did not marry until her father married Aisha Umar. Saidatina Fatimah also loyal to her father by receive her fathers decision to marry her with someone eventhough the dowry is not expensive. She is a very loving person. When her father felt sick, she will be by her father’s side to concern about treating and taking care of his meals. Next, at the age of 10, she cleans the head and back of her father that are covered by feaces while he is preaching people. Furthermore, Saidatina Fatima is not a self-elated person eventhough her father is a prophet and being so honest to Baitul Mal not to using it...
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