Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim

Topics: Woman, High school, Feminism Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: November 3, 2014
Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim is a feminist activist for women’s rights and social change in Sudan. She was born at 1939 has a long history of working, and fighting for women rights. Fatima is an author too, and she published about seven books and many articles for the cause that she dedicated her life to it. Fatima's life was not easy and had many sad moments. She has been living under multiple oppressive regimes and had her husband executed during the 60's. Moreover, spent two-year house impressment. She is from an intellectual family her grandfather was a judge who inspired her and helped her to get the best schooling she can get. Fatima was born into a well-educated, middle-class family in Khartoum, Sudan. Her grandfather had been one of Sudan’s famous judge in his neighborhood. Her father was a teacher and poet, and her mother also a big inspiration to her as a graduate college graduate in time that was not proper for women to go to school. Fatima’s educational heritage gave her skills and support she needed to write and to be an active member in the country. The first article that Fatima wrote was she in the chairs of high school. Fatima's first published paper was called Elra edda that means "Leading Girls in high school. The topics focused on multiple issues and attracted many activists in Sudan, and brought people attention to women’s rights issues, and justice. By using a code name as a signature on the papers she published, nobody expects that a young girl is could manage and publish a magazine, which kept her identity secret for a while. At high school, she organized the first women's strike in Sudan, when her school administrators decided that science classes will not provide to females she organized a student strike. Not only was this first women’s strike in the country, it successfully restored science classes for the female students at her school. Fatima started the Intellectual Women Association in reaction to British efforts to limit the role of...
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