Fathers on Television

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English 1113
26 October 2014
Fathers on Television
The article “Wow! A show with a smart father!” by Jaime J. Weinman argues that the role of a father on television is either portrayed negatively or basically nonexistent. She is able to provide numerous examples of television shows that have cut out the role of a father figure all together, it’s stated this may be for financial reasons. She also discusses television shows that portray the father in a negative way. The author then gives an example to the reader of a television show that depicts the father in a positive light. The father of Veronica Mars, Keith Mars, is said to be one of the few positive examples of a father on television. The fact that he’s portrayed more as a role model than just sitting around telling her life stories makes him more realistic. The author clearly states that this is a father that can actually teach his child something and at the same time is likable enough that his daughter wants to spend time with him. The author’s intended audience is a genre of readers that are young enough to be knowledgeable about the different television shows while also being able to recognize the lack of a father’s presence. I believe her targeted reader is actually her real reader as well. It’s easy to read to the article and remain interested when you’re able to recall the television shows that are discussed. The author, Jaime J. Weinman, also makes a clear argument based on popular shows that prove her argument to be correct. The reader will most likely agree with the author after reading the article. The author was effective in persuading her target audience and will achieve her intended outcome. 2

The author, Jaime J. Weinman, is able to clearly state her stance in the article. The reader is able to get a good understanding of the author’s position and values. It’s made clear that television shows don’t do a good job of portraying the father in positive way,...

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